Managing Client Portfolios in Times of Crisis

2.5 CPD Hours                                R 244

This course was developed in light of the recent coronavirus crisis to serve as guide to practitioners in managing the portfolios of clients during these uncertain times. The course presents a practical approach to dealing with clients and managing their portfolios in periods of market stress and based on principles of both classical finance and behavioural finance.


0.9 CPD Hour

The aim of this course is to present a discussion on the benefits of robo-advisors and how robo-advisors can be employed by human advisors to enhance their practice. The course covers the underlying technologies, pitfalls and the portfolio management strategies used by robo-advisors.

Robo-Advisors: Exploring and Leveraging the Competition

Applied Behavioural Finance

4 CPD Hours

R 280

This  course presents ahistorical background of behavioural finance and its evolution. The different investor biases and heuristics are discussed together with the alternative arguments in favour of heuristics. The module covers bounded rationality and finally presents a discussion on the different behavioural investor types and the suitable approach to advice for each behaviour type. 

10 CPD Hours


This course demonstrates the creation of efficient portfolios in line with Modern Portfolio theory (MPT) and demonstrates how the traditional approach can be adapted to create practical portfolios that are more appealing to investors. This approach takes the behavioural traits of investors into consideration.

Efficient Portfolios and Best Practical Allocation

An Overview of the Asset Management Industry

3 CPD Hours

R 210

The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the asset management industry and present a discussion on the major segments of the asset management industry as well as some of the new developments in the industry. This course is aimed at helping the practitioner familiarise him/herself with the industry. 

Money Doctor: The Financial Advisor as a Wealth Manager and a Therapist

2 CPD Hours

R 140

This course discusses the concept of the financial advisor as a wealth manager and a therapist and delves into the benefits and different components of financial advice. The course covers the role of the advisor as healer and approaches to maximise the role of the advisor as a therapist. It also presents recent studies on the value and benefits of financial advice.

Introduction to Modern Portfolio Theory

4 CPD Hours

R 280

This courses provide a concise introduction to Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and its practical implications. The course covers the historical background of MPT,  discussions on factor models and investment risks, as wells as market efficiency and anomalies, and their practical implications.  

The Portfolio Management Process

2 CPD Hours

R 140

The aim of this course is to present a discussion on the portfolio management process and covers the processes of planning, implementation, and monitoring and feedback.  The course delves into issues relating to return and risk objectives as well as the different approaches to portfolio rebalancing and their practical implications.


Portfolio Management for Financial Advisors

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Developing and Investment Philosophy

CPD Hours: To be determined

R 140

This course presents an analysis of the different investment philosophies and designed to help the advisor evaluate the different investment philosophies and adopt a consistent approach to investing to enhance the advisory process to better serve clients   

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